Terms Of Service Agreement

Accepting your Estimate/Invoice:
In order to confirm an installation time frame with Santa's Helpers Inc. (SHI) for the current season, a 50% down
payment (going toward your balance) is required along with the below accepted/signed Terms of Service
Agreement. This full Agreement will remain in effect for subsequent years as long as the client continues service
year to year or until SHI deems a new Agreement is warranted.

Understanding your Estimate/Invoice:
Estimated costs will include material listed, installation of material listed, service on material listed, removal of
material listed and storage of SHI product (unless otherwise noted, we store only product purchased through SHI).

We will communicate with you via Text and Email to coordinate your installation date range. Clients do not have
to be home the day of installation. Please be sure we have your updated cell phone number and email address
on file.

Timers / Starting your Light Display –
Once your display is installed, it set to begin / turn on that evening from 5pm-midnight (unless otherwise communicated to us via email at info@mysantashelpers.net). If you wish to have a different time frame, please let us know prior to installation and it must be tracked on your estimate/invoice.
All lights will be plugged in after installation (regardless of when installation is done).
1. Please check your display the evening of installation and let us know immediately if anything needs
2. If you don’t’ want the display to be ‘lit’ just yet, you should unplug the cord from the timer(s) and leave the
plug on the ground.
3. DO NOT unplug the timer from the outlet as this may cause the time of day to be wrong.
4. When you want your display to begin for the holiday season, simply plug the cord from the ground back into the back side of the timer. The timer (if left plugged in) should hold the proper time. No adjustments should be needed.

Contact us with any service needs throughout the season by any of the following:
Access the ‘Service Request’ Tab at www.mysantashelpers.net and complete the form and attach a
picture of the area/item needing service.
Text our main number 708-502-8290 and attach a picture of the area/item needing service.
Email us at info@mysantashelpers.net and attach a picture of the area/item needing service.
After the Thanksgiving Holiday (or for Halloween customers) our service commitment is 24-48 hours from when
you report the issue/outage to us.

Removal / Storage -
1. Ensure your Removal Preference is listed on your estimate/invoice (ie. After New Years Day, 2nd Friday in
January, etc…). Email us immediately with your preference if you don’t see it recorded on the
2. After your done enjoying your holiday, feel free to turn off your light display for the
season by simply unplugging the cord from the timer. Then, after the winter thaw and when weather
conditions are safe for our colleagues and your property, we will remove and store product in our
temperature-controlled facility.
Winter Thaw - While we make every attempt to contact clients regarding light removal during the winter thaw,
please email or text us anytime with any questions regarding safe removal of décor and inclement weather. For
the safety of your home and our colleagues, we generally do not remove décor unless the roof and/or ground
lights/cords are free of snow/ice.

Next Year
We will email your estimate/invoice again in late summer. In order to secure your installation again, then simply
respond and submit your 50% down payment and we will install your display again. If you want anything
changed or added on (wreath, garland, new landscaping…) please email us right away to let us know.

Terms of Payment:
Full payment is due upon services rendered. Customer agrees to pay the full amount of said monies agreed
upon. If non-payment results within ten (10) business days from the date that the service is completed, Santa’s
Helpers Inc. can bring legal action against customer to collect for unpaid services. The customer shall pay for all
court costs and reasonable attorney fees incurred by Santa’s Helpers, Inc.
For residential accounts, a$25 Late Charge will be added to bill after first 30 days of non-payment and for every
30 days thereafter of non-payment until legal action is sought or bill is paid with additional charges.

I hereby agree to allow Santa's Helpers Inc. to perform services at my address on the Estimate/Invoice. I agree
that should any damages or injuries occur due to negligence of either party, said parties shall not and will not
take legal recourse, sue, and or file a claim with the parties in question.

Warranty of Product:
Décor rented through SHI will be fully maintained throughout the season by SHI and replacements made when
needed. Client will be responsible for theft or vandalism and client can be charged for any material missing
upon removal.
Lights purchased through Santa's Helpers Inc. are guaranteed for the current season unless the specified
product warranty dictates differently. Currently, LED Lights and Timers both carry a 3-season warranty. We will
fix, exchange, or replace the lights should anything malfunction in the season. Any service calls on the lights not
purchased through Santa’s Helpers Inc. will require a service fee per visit based on current season rates. Santa's
Helpers Inc. will exercise due care to maintain and ensure your seasonal lights are in working condition, barring
temperature extremes, or severe weather due to acts of God.

Santa’s Helpers Inc. is insured with business and Workman’s Compensation Insurance. Certificates of Insurance
can be provided upon emailed request to info@mysantashelpers.net